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Quality candle tins are easily reusable, and with a bit of art, they look great in any home. There’s no skill necessary, just your imagination. Here are 10 ways they can be repurposed into functional but just as pretty items you can use around your house. 


Think office supplies, craft materials, coins, keys, and hair pins. The list goes on. Keep them separated and in beautifully painted tin containers so they can stay where you need them without being an eyesore. 

Jewelry Boxes

They’re a practical and unique choice compared to traditional ones because they can be reused into other things if you ever grow tired of them. You can also custom design them yourself or get ones that are already printed or coated in color. Candle tins can even double as jewelry plates. 

Gift Boxes

Make your presents stand out and be memorable by putting thought and effort into choosing the right packaging. Tins with lids are wonderful alternatives to typical boxes because they’re durable, and make for a second present as they can be reused for other purposes. 

Wind Chimes

It’s a fun DIY project anyone can do on their own or as a bonding activity with friends and family! Flip the tin upside down and punch a hole on either side near the top to pull strings through from which it’ll hang. 

On the inside, securely attach separate strings with strong adhesive, or punch more holes. Each string should already have a metal chime hanging on the other end. Then you’re free to go crazy and add your own art. 

Food Containers

Bored with Tupperware, or the same little saucers they use for candy and nuts in offices? Jazz up your desk or coffee table with printed tin cans. You can also place them in the fridge. Before storing any food in them, check if they’re aluminum coated with tin. This protects anything inside from spoiling easily, and assures you that it’s an ideal container for food. 

Flower Vase

Go for a rustic or country vibe with tin cans but candle tins in posh and glam designs are also available on the market. They’re affordable compared to ceramic vases, and are just as beautiful but not as fragile. Want to spice up an accident-prone area? This is your answer. 


Picture yellow light of a small flame or bulb flickering, the light reflected on the sides of the candle tin and onto the walls. Romantic, isn’t it? Achieve the ambiance, and take it a step further by punching holes on the side to create a shape or message with the light. You can also use the lid to focus the light on the ceiling. 

Soap Holders

Your bath routine gets amped up in its therapeutic factor when you place your soap in an elegantly fashioned candle tin. Choose one with a matte surface to avoid dropping the tin container when you hold it with wet hands. 

Pen and Pencil Holders

One easy way to spruce up a boring office desk is to get a nice holder for your writing tools, and markers. Tin containers are ideal to decorate with since painting and embellishing them is easy for anyone. Get started now for a quick way to upgrade your workspace. 

Holiday Ornaments

Not sure how to decorate this year? Got some empty spots in the house you’re not sure what to do with? Place a holiday-themed candle tin! Get one with prints matching the special day or keep it safe and classy with those in shades matching your chosen color palette. You’ll get them for a good value, too, so you’ll have more left for presents! 


Final Thoughts

Would you believe there are tons of ways to decorate with candle tins? Adding your own style is always fun and simple to do with steel containers but Hearts & Crafts tins are made so you don’t have to lift a finger. They come in several designs and colors to fit every taste and personality. Deck out your home in what suits you today.