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There’s more than enough hustling and bustling going on in the world that most of us, if not everyone, thirst for quiet. We long for a place where we can rejuvenate energy and find aid for discomfort. At the end of the day, you only wish to come home to a therapeutic space after being exposed to a world of clamor. 

Good news: you can! We plotted 10 therapeutic home decorating ideas that you can use to transform your living space into a sanctuary worth coming home to. 


Welcome Mr. Sun 


Open your curtains and let the sunlight in!  

One of the effective ways to make a space therapeutic and calming is utilizing natural light. A well-lit room invigorates us to stay focused on tasks, keeps our senses motivated, and improves our mood tenfold.  

If your space has few windows installed, don’t worry! You can still illuminate your home by adding reflective materials such as mirrors, glass furniture, or lacquered surfaces. 


Accentuate with Flora 

Add Houseplants

A great therapeutic home decorating idea is bringing in the greens and the flowers!  

We don’t just say this because plants are beautiful for the home, but also because according to research, they’re good for your health. Adding houseplants to accentuate your home decreases stress levels and enhances concentration. 

We also recommend putting plants in your home office. Being in the presence of greenery and nature helps us feel calmer and more relaxed. Because of this, we can go through the day with a more positive outlook and better disposition. 


Distract Positively  

Wall Art

There’s such a thing as positive distractions.  

Sometimes, we become too occupied and busy at home that we forget to take a break. Positive distractions urge us to pause and give ourselves some time to relax even for a bit.  

These diversions can be anything inviting to the eyes such as a painting, a wall art, or your favorite figurine. All those pieces interrupt our negative thoughts by inviting us to look at them and marvel at their beauty.  


Never Go Wrong with Nature 

Wood Furniture

One therapeutic home decorating hack we love is adding natural elements. 

As humans, we are wired to be attracted to earthy pieces—probably Mother Nature’s way of drawing us back to the earth’s wonders. Consider adding pieces with earthy textures such as a piece of woodwork in a prominent area of the room, or accentuating the home with wood furniture. You can also decorate your wood floors with rugs instead of contrasting colors. 

Going with neutral and warm colors in shades of blue, green, and browns helps the room look and feel calming too. 


Tug into Your Sense of Smell  

Scented Candles

With just a whiff of a relaxing aroma, our brain works wonders and transports us into a time full of happy memories. This is why adding soothing fragrances, such as scented all-natural candles, is a good way to make a space therapeutic.  

Candles take so little space in your home but when lit, they can easily envelop the whole area with a relaxing scent—allowing us to drift away from the usual noise of the city. 

We recommend going for a scent that reminds you of certain moments in your life to trigger the happy hormones.  


Room to Move  

Spacious Area

The home should feel like a sanctuary, not just mere storage for all your stuff. 

Another foolproof way to make your home relaxing is making sure there’s enough room to move around. Having enough space for movement keeps your home traffic flow as seamless as possible—no more bumping on furniture!  

A spacious room also lets more light in, making your home feel brighter and airy.  

And the best part out of having ample space is there’s more room for your visitors to mingle and play around. Now, your home isn’t just therapeutic, but also an inviting and fun place to stay in for your guests. 


Decluttering is Next to Calming 


Remember: the goal here is to transform your space into a comfortable and therapeutic home—not to make it an extension of the bustling cities. Keep your home organized and clutter-free to achieve a calming effect beneficial for both homeowners and visitors. 

When we speak of decluttering, we mean maintaining cleanliness and convenience. Make sure to keep your things in their right places according to how often you use them. This avoids losing track of the most-used and important items in your home. And in the long run, reduces your stress in looking for things you need.  

If you have limited space, try adding storage boxes where you can keep the things you need but seldom use. We suggest going with a design that matches your home’s overall theme so they can double as decorative pieces. 


Go with Functionality  

Living Room Design

Maintaining a functional design is a great therapeutic home decorating idea. Think of the people you live with and how they use certain furniture at home.  

If your family likes having guests come over, place the couch and chairs facing each other to encourage conversation. And if your mom, for example, likes watching television in the living area, consider placing an ottoman nearby for her comfort. 

By assessing the functionality of your things and how everyone at home interacts with them, you can create a harmonious space for the whole family. 


Keep it Comfortable  

Cozy Bedroom

Prioritizing comfort poses major improvements to one’s health and mindset. People who live in a cozy, comfortable environment tend to be happier and more energetic. This is because a home like this is a place that allows them to freely re-charge.  

Come home to a therapeutic and relaxing space by adding cozy linens, squishy pillows, and soft rugs.  

Either in your bedroom or living area, place an oversized, stuffy chair that is inviting enough for you to sit and curl up with a book, coffee, a journal, or maybe a crafting hobby. 


Keep the Things You Love in Sight

Candles on Display

Rule of thumb: always go with what makes you happy. 

Decorating your home with the things you love is another way to trigger those happy hormones and reduce stress. If candles and decorative candle tins make you happy, then, by all means, put them in the open! With all the designs available, we’re sure you can find the tins that fit your space.  

One tip though, make sure to arrange them properly around the room to avoid having them cluttered all over. Stack them neatly on top of your shelves or as table centerpieces—this is entirely your call! 


In Conclusion 

A house only starts to feel like home when you get a sense of relief and satisfaction upon entering. That surge of comfort and happiness begins to overflow when you know it’s a haven for you and your family. 

Therefore, for a sweeter and stress-free home, keep these therapeutic home decorating ideas in mind when designing your living space. Because after hearing all the noise of the day, you deserve quiet retreat