Hearts and Crafts | 12 DIY Supplies and Tools All Crafters Need 12 DIY Supplies and Tools All Crafters Need – Hearts and Crafts

Whatever hobby you’re into, there are common materials and tools you’d want to always keep on hand. These will assist you with any small task and help beautify your piece, fusing craft and art. Go through this checklist to see what’s missing in your DIY supplies pile so you can add them and have happy crafting days ahead!


Get one of every kind, thickness, and color! You can never have too many. Seeing all those colors on display is very therapeutic. If it sparks joy, then stock up. Just make sure it doesn’t dry up before you get to use it.


There are so many kinds of scissors out there, as many as 20! Your first priority should be the crafting or all-purpose scissors. These are the standard ones you find in every home. Later on, expand to different edged scissors. You’ll never know when you’d need one that cuts in curves.

If you’ll be dealing with fabrics, you’ll need sewing scissors, too, and there are several. Depending on what you’re planning to do, you could end up needing more than one type, starting with the dressmaker’s shears.

Construction Paper and Card Stock

An advantage of construction paper is that they come in many colors so there’s no need to use paint or other materials. It’s also slightly thicker than typical paper but still very pliable to work with. Card stock requires more work to look aesthetic, but is very useful when you need a sturdier material.


What project are you planning, and what effect do you want to create? Fabric paint works great on clothes since they’re made to stay even after they’ve been through the washing machine several times. Oil paint is often used for paintings on canvass. If you’re not comfortable with using paint, stick to watercolor. It’s washable, and creates beautiful, soft hues.


They’re a great hack to add, not just color, but texture to any project. It’s also easy to come up with your own pile and it’s budget-friendly. Instead of buying brand new, you can reuse old clothes. They’re versatile in not just decorating the home but also small items.

If you plan to create objects you’ll add to any room in your house, use textile to create a more cohesive interior design. For example, you can match your throw pillows to your curtains. Can you say color coordination?


For times when you really want to up the notch on the texture of your project, keep a stock of these little guys. There are so many varieties available, so go crazy but watch the budget. Stick them onto the outside of your candle holder or create patterns on a vase. You’d be surprised at what you can do with them.

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Cheap paste and Elmer’s Glue won’t be enough if you want a long-lasting, high-quality project. Take some beads or cloth for example. Making crafts will be more worry-free when you don’t have to deal with objects falling apart or falling off. Just a precaution: the tip of the gun and the melted glue are very hot, which makes it tricky to handle.

Washi Tape

While it’s more for decorative purposes than as a functional adhesive, they can work for light materials without you having to hide the tape. You’ll never get bored because of there are more designs available than you can possibly store at home! Be careful though, because they’re very addicting, which would be a problem as they’re not exactly cheap.

All Kinds of Tapes

When you need function more than design, go for the good old reliable tapes, like masking tape or double-sided tape. Keeping adhesives for different uses and materials will save you a lot of trouble, as well as time and money from not having to make extra trips to the store.

Stapler and Stapler Wires

Be sure to get them in the appropriate size. Big staplers and stapler wires for heavy-duty use can be found in stores but they’re often unnecessary if you’re not working on a larger project with thick materials.


What’s life without a little sparkle? Everyone loves glitter, even men! (Maybe not all would admit it, though.) These days, there are sustainable variations on the market so you can add that glimmer guilt-free. You can also make those yourself! There we go, another fun DIY project for you.

Tin Containers

Teal Candle Tins

They can store your beads and other supplies, but they’re also good as craft projects as well. Make your presents extra special with these unconventional gift boxes that are sure to be eye-catching. Hearts & Crafts tin containers come in several designs so there’s one for every style and personality.


Final Thoughts 

Over time, you’ll develop your own list of basic DIY supplies and tools. It comes with learning your art style, experimenting and trying new techniques, and the hobbies you decide to stick with. Don’t forget to have fun!