Hearts and Crafts | 3 DIY Candles You Should Try for National Crafts Month 3 DIY Candles You Should Try for National Crafts Month – Hearts and Crafts

We’re in for a whole month of creating, DIY-ing, and creating some more because we’ve just entered March, the National Craft Month! We’re at that time of the year again when all artists and artists at heart reconnect with their creative side and start crafting.  

This is the perfect time for you to try something new – candle-making from scratch!  

Before you panic and think that it’s a ton of hard work to make candles, we got your back here at Hearts & Crafts. Let’s make DIY candles in a fun and easy way that even beginners will have no problem following through.  

Are you ready? Here are three candle-making ideas from scratch you can try right at this instant!  


1. Mother nature approved: Soy wax candle  

For your first-ever DIY candle making journey—and for the next to come—try going for environmentally friendly ingredients such as soy wax.  

Most candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a lot cheaper than soy but is more harmful to nature. Soy wax, on the other hand, is 100% natural and acquired from vegetable soybean.  

Aside from its all-natural properties, soy wax candles burn longer and are good candles for the dining area, too. Paraffin candles release chemicals that intervene with your food aroma. With soy wax candles, you won’t have to worry about this. You can enjoy your candlelight meals in peace.  


What you’ll need: 

  • Natural soy wax flakes 
  • Candle wicks 
  • Candle centering devices 
  • Candle molds (tins or jars) 
  • Fragrance oils (optional) 
  • Candle dye (optional) 


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2. Aromatic, organic: Palm Wax Candle 

Next on our list of DIY candles worth a try is a palm wax candle. Palm wax is derived from palm trees making it 100% natural and organic.  

The usual melting point for palm waxes is approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit—higher than soy and paraffin waxes. In line with this, palm waxes tend to be more aromatic. Go for a palm wax candle kit if you want to make candles that preserve their scent for longer periods.  

Another thing to love about palm waxes is their unique texture. During your DIY candle process with palm wax, you’ll notice crystallizing patterns forming on the candle surface. These patterns will be more apparent and beautiful once cooled down. And since it’s generally a hard wax, palm wax candles tend to be sturdier and can be used to create pillars and container candles.  


What you’ll need: 

  • Natural palm wax flakes 
  • Pre-cut candle wicks 
  • Candle centering devices 
  • Fragrance oils of your choice 
  • Candle molds (tins or jars) 


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3. Vibrant frost: Ice Wax Candle 

It’s beautiful, it smells good, and it is ice!  

Since you’re already on the road to trying new things this National Craft Month, go further and more experimental with ice wax for your next DIY candle project. Along with soy and palm, ice wax is also all-natural. So, if you want to bond over candle-making with your kids or friends, these waxes are all good choices because of their organic properties. 

Candles made from ice wax have frosty, crystalline patterns—giving the spectators some eye-candy snow show. And with the right dash of dye, ice wax candles are made even more beautiful and vibrant. 


What you’ll need: 

  • Natural ice wax 
  • Pre-cut candle wicks 
  • Candle centering devices 
  • Candle dye blocks of your choice 
  • Candle molds (tins or jars) 
  • Essential oils (optional) 


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Start crafting! 


Candle-making isn’t so hard if you have the right tools and materials at your disposal. This National Crafts month, challenge yourself to gain a new crafting skill, try something new, and start creating with your hands. The best time to unleash your creativity is now.