Hearts and Crafts | 3 Romantic Candle Scents Great for Valentine’s 3 Romantic Candle Scents Great for Valentine’s – Hearts and Crafts

One simple item to your décor could be what defines your at-home date this year from a lovely evening to a memorable one. The scented candle. Don’t just go for any but put some thought into choosing by knowing which fragrances would be perfect for your date. There’s also a bonus tip at the end of which ones to avoid because, yes, not all scents are suitable for Valentine’s day candles.


1. Rose

Is there any scent that’s more romantic? Imagine a room lightly scented with the aroma of this delicate flower. It conjures up images of bouquets and soft petals strewn around, with neither the mess nor extra expense from having to buy such a number.

Floral scents are such timeless classics and longtime favorites, whether for perfume or candles for Valentine’s. They’re not only loved for their fragrance, but they’re also known to be effective in romance. It certainly justifies their place as a top seller as a go-to for love, dating, and rekindling those flames. Other popular floral options are lavender, magnolia, and peony.


2. Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl

This sweet smell represents the saccharine joy of a new love in its young phase. Both cinnamon and vanilla are known for stoking the fires of passion so use it with care, like saving it for Valentine’s day candles. Arrange date night early to ensure a long and relaxing but loving time together, even if you celebrate well into the early hours of the Day of Hearts.

Looking for other sugary fragrances isn’t hard but not all necessarily have the same effect as vanilla. What’s important is that it conveys your naturally sweet disposition that your date is attracted to, and they’ll fall head over heels again. Too much on its own? It also makes a great accompaniment with other kinds of scents like muskier base notes, or light floral ones.


3. Amber

Get a reaction from your date in the range of a jaw drop to ooh la la. Make this year’s Valentine’s a little spicier. These scents match those with a fiery character perfectly, but it has a generally strong appeal for special occasions. It’s a particular favorite when you’re looking for an amorous time with your significant other, or a romantic tryst.

Because of their deeper smell, they’re typically blended with other scents. Combine it with a sweet fragrance to balance steamy with flirty to resemble a more playful nature, but candles for Valentine’s day is the best way to switch it up to your scent for something new. Opt for stronger scents with a slight bite for a sultry kickoff to your Heart’s Day, and set those hearts racing.


Extra Tip: Keep Away from Citrus Scents

Clean scents are attractive on most days, but smelling like a toilet cleaner or air freshener would kill the romantic mood. Create a complex mix of fragrances that complement each other if you insist on sneaking a bit of tang in there. Don’t just add other layers of notes, but partner it with a different aroma to temper the sharp smell to get the right formula for Valentine’s day candles.


Final Thoughts

When picking a scent, always go back to how you feel about it. While there’s nothing wrong in considering how it will attract another person, your priority should be “you.” Even when making a change in fragrance, reflect on your reason behind it, and ensure that you’re doing it out of love, respect, and care for yourself at the end of the day.