Hearts and Crafts | 4 Crafty Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece 4 Crafty Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Candle Centerpiece – Hearts and Crafts

What does a thanksgiving table look like to you? The image has evolved over the years from one filled with food in the middle to have too much food that needs a separate table. Apart from people’s plates on the edges, this leaves the dining table empty and an excellent opportunity to decorate and get crafty! 

Whether you’ve successfully maintained a Thanksgiving table like the original or not, eating witthe soft, warm light of candles adds such homey vibthat’s always welcome this time of year. Greet your guests with that aura as you settle down tyour delicious meal with your beautifuthanksgiving candle centerpiece. 


Candles in a Log

What you need:

  • A small log or a thick branch 
  • A few tealight candles 
  • A drill and a chisel 
  • Some leaves 
  • A few pumpkins 
  • A few pinecones 
  • A few squashes 


This is one of those perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas when you have people overHollow out a few holes, just enough for each to fit a tealight candle plus an extra inch or two for the lit wick, with the drill and chisel. Make sure they’re evenly spaced apart, and place a candle inside each. 

You can include a candleholder or cover the wood’s sides with flame retardant varnish to protect it from burning. Place the log on a long plate or put it on the table and surround it with items from nature that remind you of the season. 


Pumpkin Candleholders

What you need: 

  • A pumpkin big enough to hold your desired candle 
  • A clear glass candle holder 
  • Pumpkin carving tools or a serrated knife and a large spoon 


Place your candle first inside the glass candleholder. This prevents the fire from touching the pumpkin and causing any accidents.  Cut the top of the pumpkin off to create an opening that would snugly hold the candle inside. Clean out enough room for a third of the candle with the large spoon or scraper. Put the candle in, and you’ve got yourself a pumpkin candleholder! 


Pinecone Candleholders

What you need: 

  • A candle 
  • glass candle holder 
  • glass bowl 
  • Pinecones 


To start making this easy, but just as eye-catching, set the candle in the glass candle holder and then position it in the middle of the bowl. Then surround it with pinecones and you’re done! Easy wasn’t it? It’s a great Thanksgiving candle centerpiece that you can also use for an end table, and simple enough to leave the kids to it. 

You can also add other items, like autumn leaves or Christmas ballsFeeling a little extra? Turn it into a quick project! Paint the candle’s top edge with a single metallic-colored stripe to add a pop of color and sheen. 


Naturally Cinnamon or Citrus Scented Candles

What you need:  

  • Your candle making supplies and equipment 
  • For a citrusy scent 
  • Any citrusy fruit like limes or oranges 
  • A citrus-scented essential oil 
  • A serrated knife and a metal spoon 

For a cinnamon scent

  • A teaspoon of ground cinnamon for every 4 ounces of candle wax 
  • clear jar or glass candle holder 


Update your scent library with these Thanksgiving candle scentsIf you prefer a citrus-scent, get your fruit, and cut it in half, according to the size you want your candles to be. The larger the fruit, the thicker the peel, and the better it’ll hold the wax. Scoop out any of the fruit inside from the half that you’ll use as your candle holder, leaving only the peel When making the candle, mix the citrus essential oil into the melted wax. Then pour the wax into the peel when it hits the right temperature. 

For a cinnamon scent, make the candle as you would but instead of oils, add ground cinnamon. Remember to maintain the ratio. Pour it into a glass candle holder, and you’ll see cinnamon also makes a lovely brown pattern on the lower portion of the wax. 


Final Thoughts 

Candles are such an elegant and subtle way to decorate a home that it’s easy to go overboard and forget they can cause severe damage when left unattended. Remember to only light candles when you’re at home and promptly turn out the flame when not in use. Also, stick to only two scents at most at a time to avoid overwhelming your home.  

The holidays are a fun time to experiment with your décor, especially with candles. Use these thanksgiving candle centerpiece ideas as a launchpad for your own. Plus, you have every reason to invite friends and family over so you don’t have to be the only one to enjoy your pieces of art. Take the chance. Tis the season to get creative candlemakers!