Hearts and Crafts | 8 Charming Uses of Ceramic Bowls 8 Charming Uses of Ceramic Bowls – Hearts and Crafts

Ceramic bowls have a wide range of versatility as a functional home item and décor. It just takes a bit of creativity to see the mix of practical and artistic possibilities. Hearts and Crafts gives you eight ideas on how to use your ceramic bowls to get started. Pretty soon, you’ll be coming up with your own. 

Food Containers

Welcome each meal with good dinnerware! Instead of saving them for special occasions, use them regularly to bring joy on ordinary days and boost mental health. That’s the main reason they were made. It also brings the most satisfaction out of your purchase because you get to fully experience it by using the bowls for their primary purpose. 

Item Holders/Organizers

Why keep your keys in an unattractive box or on hooks on the wall? Or even just leave them lying on the closest free surface available? Place it in a colorful or embellished bowl carefully situated close to the door. Also, use tiny ceramic bowls to hold your candles, adding a subtle touch of elegance. Little things like these are what ties in the room together, giving an air of cohesiveness and intentionality. 

Vases/Plant Pots

Spoil your plant babies! They don’t deserve to be just told they’re beautiful; they should be dressed nice, too. Show your love and get them a special pot like an ornamental ceramic bowl. Your green children will appreciate and help them bloom more, especially when you throw on genuine compliments. 

Pet Food Bowls

Fur babies need to be shown some love in gifts, too. Keep in mind to choose one with a good amount of weight that keeps it from sliding across the floor or tipping over with a light nudge. Reward those well-behaved, royalty-like, and fluffy members of the family because that’s how you treat good boys and girls. 

Wedding Ring Holders

It’s your special day so place those lovely symbols of love in something special, too. There’s no need to break the bank. Find a gorgeous ceramic bowl that matches your motif for a classy and unique approach. You’ll be setting the next wedding trend of the season. 

Jewelry Trays


Place your carefully chosen pieces on an item that showcases and complements the craftsmanship in their design. A smart but sophisticated idea: ceramic bowls. Place them in one that fits all your jewelry or arrange them according to sizeYou can also place the rings in one, the bracelets in another, and so on. 

Lamp Base/Chandeliers

Go for a retro aesthetic! Set the lamp in a ceramic bowl to give the appearance of a second layer to the base. Choose a color like red or orange for that 60s and 70s vibe. Better yet, pair your lamp with a bowl of a contrasting color or mix plains with patterns. It’s a simple way to let out the artist in you. Take it a step further and cut out the bottom to DIY a chandelier. 

Wall/Window/Table Decorations

Dial back the time machine farther and opt for vintage. Use a stand to hold it on its side on the windowsill or a shelf on the wall so guests can admire the pretty design inside, like your grandma had at her home. When the color is all on the outer part of the bowl, find a coffee table or chest of drawers to place it on. Let the hue be the star of the room or a playful accent to the central theme.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear why ceramic bowls have been a mainstay in homes for so many years, and continue to be a favorite. Begin your own collection with a set for your dining table so you’ll see exactly why. As you find more online, at big retail stores, thrift shops, or flea markets, you’ll find they’re meaningful decorative items. Sprinkle your home with stories and personality through color and patterns.