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Ever since the pandemic hit, the number of people who experienced distress has doubled. From 2018 data, only 9% of Americans said they were anxious and nervous most of the week. This rose to a whopping 18% come 2020.  

With the current situation, looking for things to help us destress became one of the priorities. Pre-pandemic, an easy remedy to a bad mood could be a good stroll in the park, a dine-in experience at your favorite restaurant, or a quick beach getaway. Now, our choices have been limited to the things we can do at home.  

But don’t let that weigh you down too much. There’s still hope! One of the fastest ways to calm your nerves without having to go out is lighting scented candles. Certain fragrances are proven to elicit feelings of peace, joyfulness, and even nostalgia by poking into our memories.  

In this post, we listed three of the best aromatherapy candles proven to improve your mood.  


Lemon Scented Candles Boost Concentration

Lemons for Concentration

When life throws you lemons, mix them with your candles!  

Lemons are good sources of vitamin C and are proven to give tons of health benefits that aid weight loss, clearer skin, and easier digestion. But did you know that this citrus makes one of the best aromatherapy candles on the market? Its tangy scent swirls its way to our senses, allowing us to concentrate well 

Below are other effects of lemon-infused candles to your mood: 

  • The sweet, citrusy scent of lemon essential oils contribute in tranquilizing our senses during times of heightened emotions.   
  • It soothes your breathing. Lemon-infused candles purify the air you breathe. If you’re under the common cold’s mercy, try lemon aromatherapy. Aside from cleaning the air around you, its soothing fragrance also relaxes your sore throat.  
  • It decreases common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.   
  • It eases your mind when feeling angry, anxious, and exhausted.  

Therefore, lighting a lemon-scented candle is your best bet to uplift your mood and boost concentration. To infuse this in your candles, simply add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the melted wax. Be mindful of the size of the candle container you’re using as the drops should be dependent on the amount of wax. For an 8-ounce candle, it’s good to go for about 40 drops or two to four teaspoons.   


Ylang-ylang Scents Initiate Relaxation 

Ylang-ylang for Relaxation

This one is for the restless hearts!  

Ylang-ylang is a yellow, curved flower that grows from the Cananga tree. It is an Indian-native tropical tree but can also be found across Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia.  

Ylang-ylang fragrance oils exude a romantic and flowery scent. Its oil extracts are widely-used as top notes by fragrance companiesChanel being one of them.  

Aside from its rich and strong aroma, worthy of a thousand-dollar price tag, this yellow tropical flower has a lot more to offer. Its oil extracts, when infused in candles are also good for aromatherapy. Lighting ylang-ylang infused candles drive our minds to a relaxing space and urges us to rest our worries.   

Here’s how ylang-ylang scented candles affect our headspace: 

  • It boosts your self-confidence. According to research, ylang-ylang poses positive effects on your mood and overall self-esteem when applied topically or inhaled.   
  • It relaxes your heart. Quickly light your ylang-ylang candles when feeling a bit distressed or rattled. A slight puff of this flowery fragrance will hush your troubled thoughts.   

Go all-out on natural candle making with floral fragrance oils. We recommend having ylang-ylang candles nearby for instant emotional relief. Soy wax candles have a strong fragrance throw for both hot and cold. Even if you have these scented candles just on display, you can still enjoy the aromatic benefits!  


Sandalwood Candles for Better Slumber 

A good night sleep is all you need!  

Some of the best aromatherapy candles are infused with Sandalwood since this tree extract is good for physical and mental healing. In some cases, sandalwood oils are also used as alternative medicine.   

Sandalwood-scented candles do wonders to our mood especially when lit at night. Some of its instant effects are as follows: 

  • It helps you sleep better. Some people tend to go through a day feeling grumpy and unmotivated because of lack of sleep. Lighting a sandalwood-infused candle a few minutes before you sleep will give you a good night’s rest. Just make sure not to doze off with your lit candles to avoid incidents.  
  • It puts you in a meditative state. Its earthy or woody scent relieves brain fatigue and eases your mind from the day’s tension.  

If you’re a busy go-getter, a night of peaceful snooze is probably one of the most-awaited items on your to-do list. We recommend to cap your day with a swish of sandalwood scent for a relaxing night off.   


Some Candles and Deep Breaths Will Pick You Up 

Whatever situation you’re in right now, whether if it’s pandemic-related or personal, always remember that all your worries shall pass. In the meantime, rely on your amazing skills in candle making and try to incorporate the above-mentioned scents into your creations. Make your mood brighter and your days a little better with the best aromatherapy candles