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Feeling down? Uninspired? “Meh?” Then it’s a sign to begin eating right, exercising, soaking healthy sunshine, and using aromatherapy! There will be days when you can’t find it in you to be positive and stay driven enough to accomplish your goals. The good thing is you can always get a little push because happiness and motivation can be found in the little things.

Scented Candles for Aromatherapy

Candles are one of the kinds of aromatherapy products available in the market. It has a great advantage over others because it combines the beauty, mood-setting, and environmental benefits of candles with those of essential oils. Just like how color affects a room’s vibes, the scent does, too, but while repainting your room is expensive, scented candles are much more cost-effective and practical.

While we recommend essential oils to ensure your candles are all-natural and environment-friendly, candle fragrance oils work well, too, and even better if you want the scents to be more pronounced. However, keep in mind the burn will no longer be toxic-free and as clean. These are the best candle scents recommended for each purpose or mood.


Perfect when you’re on a date, whether starting a new relationship or rekindling one you want to last. Invite them to dinner at home, and before you sit down to a delicious meal, light a candle that will add a subtle aroma that complements the ones from the dishes. The smell of vanilla, oranges, cinnamon, and a hint of spice will have you both swooning over each other for a memorable night.


When you want to concentrate on work and amp up your productivity, choose the right scents. Scents like lemon, jasmine, eucalyptus, and peppermint are easy go-to’s for many. Rosemary is also one but maybe too powerful for some, so remember to check with others if you’re sharing space. Cinnamon is also great for enhancing focus.


The benefits of these scents are wide in range and tremendous. Do you want essentials oils for anxiety? Lavender is always at the top of the list, followed by other aromas like rose, honeysuckle, and bergamot. The calming effect it has is undoubted. If you want essential oils for sleep, burn some chamomile or sandalwood an hour before bedtime. Remember to put it out before you turn it in for your safety.


The advantage of making your candles is you get to pick and choose the ingredients, even mix scents to come up with your unique combination. If you prefer the ease of buying a ready-made scented candle, you can still check whether the oils used are essential or fragrance by merely asking.

Essential oils are more expensive than fragrance oils, but they’re worth the health and environmental benefits that fragrance oils can’t provide. The price difference won’t also be felt as much when you’re making the candles yourself. If you already have essential oils for diffusers on hand, you can use the same ones for creating your scented candles!