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The hottest new wax since the 90s has been soy wax. Why? It’s the cheapest all-natural wax available on the market. For so long, paraffin wax was the go-to for candles because it was cheap. However, it’s also toxic, causing harm to health and Mother Nature over time. 

Today, times have changed. You can now make a candle using soy wax! It’s a kindness to your wallet, the environment, yourself, and your loved ones. Read on to learn how.


Supplies needed: 

Soy wax 


Tin containers 

Glue dots 



Wax thermometer 

Centering device per container 

Wooden spoon 



Wax pouring pitcher 

Double boiler or 2 different-sized pots 


Step 1: Prepare the Wax 

Measure the wax according to how much many candles you want to make, and how much each candle would weigh. A simple way to do this is by knowing how much each container can hold. Multiply the number of candles by the weight of each, and you get the total amount of wax you need to work with. Keep in mind that an ounce is equivalent to 28.35 grams. 


Step 2: Melt the Wax

Place the wax and the thermometer into a wax pouring pitcher. It’s a tin metal pitcher, which you’ll then place inside a double boiler. If you don’t have one, put one together easily by placing a small pot inside another pot. Be sure the bigger one contains 1-2 inches of water. The wax pouring pitcher goes inside the top pot.  Every wax has its own melting temperature; for H&C soy wax, it’s 120°F. 


Step 3: Mix in Dye and Fragrance

If you prefer not to have color and scents, skip to the next step. This step is optional and completely depends on your own preference. Like with melting point, when to mix fragrance or essential oils and dye vary. For some, it’s a range; for others, it’s an exact temperature. With Hearts & Crafts, dye and fragrance should be added when the soy wax is at 185°F. Mix thewell using the wooden spoon.  


Step 4: Prep the Container 

While waiting for it to cool to pouring temp, preheat the candle holders. If the sides are too cold, the wax will pull away from the surface, creating small craters and unsightly candles. Stick a glue dot onto one end of a wick, then onto the bottom where you want the wick to stand. Slip the other end through the hole of the centering device, and let it rest on top of the container. Repeat with the rest. 


Step 5: Pour the Wax

When the wax cools to 167°F, transfer it into the holders and leave it to solidify for several hoursSoy wax is too soft to support itself so it needs a candle holderThis creates another fun element to making the candleThere are plenty of beautifully designed containers made from different materials, like ceramic and tin. Dress up the container by adding your own design or a ribbon! 


Love the Process 

Candle making is a very pleasant and therapeutic activity you can do alone or share with family and friends. Anyone can become a candle maker. With patience, research, and practice, it won’t be long before you become skilled in the craft. There are a lot of resources available to help you but what’s important is you find joy in the process.