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Since a candle’s primary purpose is to give light, you only realize the need for it when the power goes out. Using candles as home decorations probably hasn’t crossed your mind. 

Because of this, you might be missing out on a lot of creative ways to beautify your home. Candles, especially the ones you make yourself, are great decorative pieces. They add that elegant vibe and warmth to any space.  

If you’re wondering how you can spruce up your home and decorate with candles, then today’s your lucky day. We’ve listed tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing your interior with DIY candles below! 


Let Them Glow in Lanterns  

Candle Lantern

Want to achieve a delicate glowing effect? Add a candle lantern here and there! 

Lanterns are already enough to steal a glance from your visitors, but adding a candle inside just makes it even better. You can either hang them in your living room or put them on top of a counter, shelf, or your front porch—totally up to you.  

You may use flameless candles for hanging lanterns to ensure safety. As for the lanterns on the ground, we recommend using soy wax candles since they burn longer compared to other waxes.  

Lit candle lanterns produce a subtle, delicate gleam—enough to captivate anyone who sees them.   


DIY Candles as Book Stopper 

One of our favorite ways to decorate with candles is using them as a book stopper. And if you’re a certified bookworm, we are sure you’re going to love this, too! 

Keep your books from slanting and preserve their rightful form by putting a stopper—not just any ordinary stopper at that. Get on the creative side and start with your DIY candle book stopper. Add another layer of personality to your creation by dressing up your candles with mundane things you can easily source at home. 

On another note, you can add your self-made candles on empty shelf spaces, too. This is a superb way to balance the design on your bookshelf. You may place one pillar candle or tie a trio together with lace. The good thing about DIY candles is they are perfectly customizable; therefore, the design possibilities are endless! 

Remember that these candles are just for decorative purposes. Lighting candles near your books should never be practiced.  


Use Them as Centerpieces 

Candle Centerpieces

Out of all the ways to decorate with candles, this one’s probably the most common.  

Candles as centerpieces can be a positive distraction in your overall interior design. You may choose to place them in your living room table, dining table, or countertops. One of the creative ways to display your DIY candles is by grouping them and putting them on a wooden platter as a centerpiece. 

Of course, the design is totally your call. Arrange your candles however you want on your tables. You may use other decorative pieces to spruce things up like faux flowers, stones, figurines, or wreathes.  

If you’re feeling a bit fancy and want to create a romantic atmosphere in your dining area, then we suggest going for candle stands! These candle holders are perfect for a candlelight dinner. Be sure to pick a style and color that go with your dining theme. 


Put Them in Pretty Containers 

Candle Jars

For sure your DIY candles are beautiful on their own, therefore, putting them on equally pretty containers will up their design value.  

Make use of candle jars, hurricanes, and tins—fire-proof containers that are safe to hold your lit candles. Transparent or glass containers like hurricanes and jars are perfect for showcasing your colored and dressed-up DIY candles. They are subtle enough not to overshadow your creations. 

On the other hand, ceramic bowls and candle tins are perfect for plain and scented candles. Since these containers usually come in different colors and are already designed to match a theme, you won’t have to exert too much effort on curating the candle itself. Another thing we love about them is they are independent designs. When you buy candle tins and ceramic bowls, you’re buying a home décor piece—not just a candle holder.  


The More, the Merrier 

Now, if you wish to keep things clean and focused, grouping candles is the way to go! 

Skip other decorative pieces and bring the spotlight to your DIY candles by arranging them side by side. You may group them by colors or organize them according to size. Unleash your inner designer and have fun with laying them out in your home.  

This is also a good idea to put your DIY candles on display for all your guests to see. Maybe allot a space or a shelf to house your designs—a make-shift candle exhibit corner!  


Candle Décor for a Curated Home! 

Let your passion for DIY candle-making flow into your home. Bring out the hobbyist, crafter, or artist in you and accessorize your space with your beautiful creations! Besides, candles aren’t just unique gifts and light sources, they make excellent home decorative pieces, too!