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Russian painter and theorist Wassily Kandinsky once said, “color is a power which directly influences the soul.” They come in different shades and affect our moods more than we can imagine.   

Although people have their own biases and subjective reactions to colors, certain shades speak to their souls. Darker hues often connote gloom and sadness; while brighter hues trigger happiness. And like how an interior designer decides on wall paint, crafters can also turn to specific dyes to evoke a calm feeling.  

Hearts & Crafts lists recommendations for relaxing candle colors you can use in your next candle-making project. We’ll focus on hues that trigger our psyche to be at ease such as naturals and pastels. Browse through this list and pick the tint you most feel a connection to!  


Strokes of Enchanting Nature  

Blue Shade

One of the therapeutic decorating ideas for a stress-free home is adding a touch of outdoors. You can start with dyeing your candles with natural shades and displaying them in your space.    

Shades of nature are calming and soothing because they remind us of how beautiful the environment is. Blue, green, yellow, and brown are some of the examples. We associate blues with the ocean and sky; while greens remind us of growth and flora.   

Natural colors such as blue and green are loved by many that these two tints are voted as the world’s favorite color.   



Have you ever looked at the sky and felt at peace? Just one look and you are easily relaxed. The vast blue heavens decorated with clouds gliding slowly is nearly hypnotic. Clutch on to that feeling by recreating the dreamy vibes of sea and sky with your DIY candles in blue.  

Go for soft tones and aqua blue candle dye chips to stimulate feelings of peace and serenity. Blue candles have a natural calming effect and are gentle to the eyes. We recommend displaying them on your office desk. Therefore, you can easily turn to them and relax your eyes from all the computer glare.   

Blue candles are also believed to symbolize healing and forgiveness. Lighting one will mean you are hoping to foster better communication and peace among the people around you.  



Don’t you think it’s quite magical that a single seed can grow into a beautiful tree? That same magic, although unconsciously, is what we often feel when looking at the color green. It reminds us of abundance and mother nature herself.   

Because of its natural associations, candles dyed in green are expected to bring a sense of relief and rest. Pale greens and teal are cozy and refreshing to look at. Dark green, on the other hand, is the reserved and conservative type. Turn to the softer tones if you aim to capture attention; then go for darker ones if you wish to blend them with other dyed candles.   

Spiritually, green-colored candles mean health, fertility, and luck. You can also light your green candles to boost productivity and learning.   


The Beauty of Pastels  

Pastel Candle Colors

Like the natural hues, pastels are easy on the eyes, too. Since they are the less saturated version of colors, they don’t strike viewers with their shades. Instead, they lighten the mood and lessen the tension.  

You can achieve pastel hues by adding white to any color. Soft tones are often regarded as clean and delicate. Among the pastel family, there are quite a lot of dyes to choose from. However, we will focus on the two most relaxing candle colors you can use for your next candle-making stint.   


Blush Pink  

Softer shades of pink like blush and dusty pinks give off a sense of tranquility. In Feng Shui, it is believed to balance the energies in the room. It also alleviates intense feelings of anger, worry, and neglect.   

Make your version of tender candles by mixing pink candle dye chips into your DIY candle recipe. And then, decorate your space with your creation. We recommend putting them in areas that need concentration like a reading nook or your office. Having blush pink candles around will surely help you focus and relax.  

Aside from its aesthetic purposes, lighting pink candles entails you are hoping for friendship, romance, and harmony.   



Lilac is a lighter shade of purple. It is associated with being fresh and playful, sociable and friendly. With gray and pink undertones, this dye is one of the relaxing candle colors you can try for your next DIY project.   

Candles in shades of purple, violet, or lilac are soothing and gentle. This color initiates concentration and attentiveness. Therefore, it is advisable to add lilac-dyed candles in your yoga or meditation room to initiate focus.   

On the other hand, it also triggers your creativity. Looking around, we are surrounded by blues, greens, and reds. Tints in the purple family are uncommon in our environment. Its uniqueness is another reason why people tend to gravitate toward this shade. See how these candles will help you overcome a creative slump. Try adding them in your craft room or your work area.   

When we dive into its religious symbolism, lighting lilac-colored candles mean the person is yearning for wisdom and peace.   


Soothe Your Mind with a Pop of Color  


More than their beauty and the visual experience they give us, colors bridge the gap between our physical selves and our souls. Since particular shades trigger our emotions, it is essential to pick the right color that affects us positively. If you wish to have a quick relaxing treat, natural shades and pastels are the way to go.   

We encourage you to continue playing around with different candle dyes. Mix one shade with another and come up with a unique color that fits your taste!