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Got a hobby? If you don’t, it’s not a surprise. The art of the hobby has receded into the mysterious corners of memories from days of old. With the world’s hustle and bustle now a whisper of movement, it’s the perfect time to pick up a hobby beginning with a hobby list, because January is Hobby Month! Here’s how:

List of possible hobbies.

Write down all the hobbies you’re open to take on. Try to include one or two that you thought you’d never try in your life. It could be the one you’d stick with. If you have one and are already happy with it, move on to the next number.

Research activities and materials involved.

Some hobbies can be expensive, like photography, gaming, and even some forms of art. Choose one that gives you joy, not stress. Evaluate each one according to your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Find a hobby buddy!

It’s always better when you do things with a friend. Once you’ve decided on a hobby, look for someone in your circle who you’d love to join. They might be able to connect you with a new acquaintance, who can be your hobby buddy or a class you can join.

Make time for your new hobby.

Depending on your hobby it can be from 15 minutes a day to a couple of hours on the weekend. There’s no strict rule, but intentionally setting a regular schedule to follow would help you maintain it. Make it light, so you don’t overwhelm yourself, and don’t feel guilty if you weren’t able to follow it religiously.

Decide if you want to stick with it.

Like they said, you never know until you try. Dive into a hobby before saying it’s completely not for you. Wait at least until you’ve finished an output, a game, or a small project. That way, you have a good gauge of whether or not it’s something you’d like to continue doing.


Now, Choosing a Hobby

At this point, you might be wondering, “When do I monetize my hobby?” The real question is, should you? In today’s hustle culture, the answer would come as a surprise, because you really don’t have to. While turning your passion into your livelihood is an ideal way to find a career, you don’t have to make money out of everything you enjoy doing.

Commit to it because it brings you joy. That’s enough reason to start a hobby, invest in it, and keep at it. While you’re deciding on one or possibly interested in more, might we interest you in the simple but beautiful and therapeutic art of candle making?