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Reusable, eco-friendly, and easy to customize and decorate with, candle tins are an interior design secret that’s now out of the bag! You can buy ones that have already been styled as a time-saving option, or take simple ones and fashion it to your vision. If you’re up for a little DIY, these are tips even beginner candlemakers can follow. 


Use Gift Wrapper or Vintage Wallpaper

What’s the best way to dress up plains? With prints! Measure the diameter of your tin can, and cut the paper accordingly with a little extra on the ends for a slight overlap. Test it to make sure it fits perfectly. Coat the tin surface in a metal-friendly glue, and place the paper around it. 

Then apply a clear adhesive to the bottom of the edge of the paper that sits on top of the other. You can tailor it to the occasion, the theme of the room, or the motif for a collection. Later on, you can try adding other materials, such as lace and fabric. 


Paint Your Own Design

This is the most fun because you can allow yourself to just go crazy. Make sure there’s no sign of corrosion or rusting, and remove it if you see any. Wash the surface with warm and soapy water then rinse. Wipe it dry with a cloth that has white vinegar. This removes soap and grease left behind. 

Sand the tin container lightly before covering it in metal primer. Sanding helps bond the paint to the surface while the primer prevents rusting. Use multi-surface acrylic paints for your artwork, and start with two coats of base paint. When you’re done, let your mind flow free and your heart guide your brush! 


Get Artistic With Your Label

If you’re selling your candles, there are certain label specifications you have to follow, depending on your state laws. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with itStart with the material. What kind of paper will you use — glossy, matte, or metallic? Then there’s your logo — the fonts to use, the font color.Labels are the number one way you show off your brand personality. 


Choose a Container With a Nice Lid

It’s a simple way to dress up your candle tinsYou can find many that come with their own lids online. If the ones you have on hand don’t have any, repurpose the lids from broken jars and other items. Many are painted in gold or copper, which instantly brings an air of refinement and quality. If you’re selling candles in tins, talk to your supplier about providing ones that have aesthetic lids. 


Line it With Glitter or Sprinkle it Around

You can always opt for metallic paint; but when you want sparkle instead of shine as well as texture, glitter is the way to go. When your candle tin is clean and dry, decide where you want the glitter. Sprinkle the cover randomly, coat the container entirely, or arrange the glitter in a line around the middle neatly. 

Use glue that is ideal for metal. Epoxy works well. Spread the glitter, wait for it to set, then cover with a clear coat to seal the glitter in place. Remember to avoid the top of the rim and the inside of the container to keep the flame from touching it. Voilà! It’s now decked in glitz and glam. 


Time to Get Crafty 

When people think of arts and crafts, tins and other metals aren’t on top of the list. Yet art isn’t bound by rules because creativity isn’t bound by rules either. Any material goes. It’s all about making sure you’re using supplies and tools that are suited for what you’re working with and your end goal. 

Don’t let conventions box you in. Move out of your comfort zone to create truly unique pieces, and develop an art style you’ll proudly call your own! Once you master the rules, they can be broken; design rules anyway. What better starting point is there in candle making than with candle tins?