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When we say candles bring light, we don’t just mean to a specific room or space—because the light it radiates reaches even the most troubled hearts.  

Nowadays, candle use has become popular. People started buying them for relaxation, home decoration, or for a crafting hobby. But if you’re not most people, then you might think they’re the least of your needs. You don’t have use for them anyway… or so you think. 

Read on as we enumerate five reasons why burning candles is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your overall well-being.  


 Candles Set the Mood for Comfort 

Candle and Wine

Notice how most romantic movies include a candlelight scene. This is because candles when positioned strategically in a space, denotes a romantic atmosphere for couples. With just a spark, candles can trigger love and passion. 

Upgrade your dining experience to a candlelit dinner. Simply position the candles on your dining table and light them while sharing a hearty meal with your partner. Enjoy this straight-from-the-movie scene with your significant other. 

On another note, it also adds a bit of personality to your room. Since candles have a natural soothing effect, lighting them elicits comfort and coziness all around the area. Going home after a long day of work to a delicately lighted place instantly signals your brain to relax and be comfortable.  


Candles Enhance Your Spiritual Well-Being  

Prayer Candles

A symbol of healing, praise, and faith—burning candles is good for those who want to keep in touch with their spirituality. Related to setting the mood, having lit candles help you concentrate and meditate better.  

Candles are widely used as praying symbols in most parts of the world. It is believed to help us tap into our inner divine light. The calming and healing effects of lit candles set up an atmosphere conducive for contemplation and praying.  

In some traditions, candles are assigned specific colors that bear different meanings. Here are some of the colored candles and the intentions they represent: 

  • Pink candles are usually ignited for prayers of love, friendship, and harmony. 
  • Yellow candles are for people who wish to manifest their plans, spark their creativity, and clear their minds.  
  • Orange candles are normally lit by students for guidance in education, strength, and energy.  
  • Green candles signify money, luck, and fertility.  
  • Blue candles are for prayers of forgiveness, healing, and communication.  
  • Purple candles are for those who wish to achieve spiritual clarity and wisdom.  
  • Black candles are believed to protect people from negative energies. It is also used to repel negative forces from others and avoid destruction.   
  • White candles are for peace and truth. Those who can’t find the right colored candle for them usually light white candles. 


The Alluring Fragrances of Candles Trigger Happy Thoughts 

Happy Thoughts

Did you know that certain fragrances trigger memories? According to a study on scents, our long-term memories are stored in the piriform cortex. These memories resurface when our orbitofrontal cortex, the part of our brain responsible for sensing taste and smell, recognizes the odor. 

The human body works in wondrous ways. By recalling happy memories, we gradually shy away from depression and anxiety. Memories, whether good or bad, play a huge role in our self-esteem and relationship with others. But of course, to truly care for your well-being, burn scented candles that remind you of good events from the past. In this way, we can release stress and reduce our negative thoughts. 

Whether you’re buying or making your candles, we recommend going for the ones made with all-natural wax. Soy, palm, and ice wax are clean-burning candles that leak less soot and have a more prominent scent throw than paraffin wax.   


Candles Relax Your Restless Mind  

Better Sleep

If we have coffee to kickstart our day, what do we have to peacefully cap the day off?  

To some people, having a warm shower or reading a few chapters helps them sleep. But to some, it is harder to come by. One of our favorite benefits of burning candles is its ability to drive us to a sweeter, quieter slumber. 

Bergamot, sandalwood, and chamomile are some of the candle scents that influence our brain into snoozing. These fragrances comfort our senses and eventually help us combat insomnia.  

The next time you have trouble sleeping, try lighting scented candles. Let the fragrance envelop your room. Dim your lights and allow the candle to fill the darkness. And slowly close your eyes. We hope you have a good night’s sleep! 


It Encourages Self-Care 

Candle for Self Care

How do you spend your me-time? Are you one of those who curl up with a book all day? Do you practice yoga and meditate? Or do you shut off the world while enjoying a warm bubble bath?  

Whichever your choice is, you can spruce up your methods by lighting candles. Add a flair of fragrance and mood to your self-care routine with your favorite scents.  

Even the act of igniting candles itself is already self-care. Care for your body and your overall headspace by letting yourselves enjoy the soothing effects that candles bring. 


Love Yourself One Spark at a Time 

In case you need more reasons to light a candle, think of your troubles—your constant worries that keep you up at night, or your exhausted body that badly needs a rest. You deserve time off to breathe and enjoy a calming environment. You earned it! And with a flicker of a candle, learn to love yourself a little bit more.