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Can you hear the cheers? The shouts? The stomps on the ground? You’re hearing the whole LGBTQIA+ community marching towards equality. They’ve been fighting for equality consistently every day, but every June, they’re doing it a little louder.  

To honor the Stonewall Uprising in June 1969, the community has begun celebrating Pride Month every June of the year. Voices are raised, the community’s fight for equal acceptance is amplified, and rainbow flags are paraded left and right.  

Cheers to those who are joining the march. And to those who can’t, you can still show your support in your little ways! Reach out to your hidden talents or turn to arts and crafts. Some enjoy making rainbow cakes, face painting, and some, candle making! 

Here’s a quick guide on how you can stand in solidarity with the whole LGBT+ community with Pride Month candles and other crafts. 


Ignite Your Rainbow Pride 

Pride Month


The community is loud and proud with its rainbow flags. It all started when Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in the United States, convinced drag queen Gilbert Baker to create a symbol of pride for the community. He designed the first-ever rainbow flag. He saw flags as one of the most powerful tools to make a statement and display who the community is out in the open. The rainbow flag adopts the colors of the sky and each color stripe holds its meaning: red for life, orange for healing yellow for sunlight, green for nature, hot pink for sensuality, indigo for harmony, blue for art, and violet for spirit. 

Since then, the community has been associated with the colorful stripes of the sky. People all over the world have made their rainbow art to display their pride and show support towards the whole community. Allies wear rainbow-colored shirts or create rainbow arts, too, to proclaim that they stand with the community.  

This time, we urge you to ignite your support with Pride Month candles. Make your rainbow-themed DIY candles this June with Hearts & Crafts supplies. Here’s what you’ll need: 


  • Soy wax 
  • Candle wicks and centering devices 
  • Candle dye chips 
  • Candle containers (tins, ceramics, or glass jars) 
  • Glue dots 
  • Wax pouring pitcher 
  • Double broiler 


When making your rainbow candles, you can just follow your normal procedure or refer to the easy 5-step soy wax candle recipe here. Then, incorporate the candle dye chips in your process. Make sure you have all the 7 colors of the rainbow. But if you don’t, no worries! Just try mixing the colors to create the shade you want. 

You can try putting these rainbow candles in rainbow tins, too! Hearts & Crafts has a colorful candle tins collection. Browse through our candle containers catalog that will go with your DIY Pride Month candles 


Diversity is Alive 


No matter how you choose to show your support towards the community, the most important thing we all should remember is this: Pride Month exists to push equality, acceptance, and truth. May we all be open to understanding our brothers and sisters in the community. May we all walk hand in hand towards everyone’s freedom to live their truth – filled with color and with pride.