Candle Dye Chips – 20

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  • 20 Vibrant Colors
  • Great for all types of wax!
  • Melts smoothly at 160 – 180°F
  • Easy to use and Clean up
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free


Hearts and Crafts’ Candle Wax Dye Chips offer 20 highly concentrated colors to deliver bold results. From beginners to experts, you can personalize your candles with beautiful, vibrant colors that add depth and style to each of your pieces. Unlike liquid dyes, you can crush and mix the chips, giving you complete control over the shade and intensity of your candles. Once your candles fully set, they will keep the brightness of each color, and won’t dull over time.

Our wax formula is vegan/animal-friendly, non-toxic, irritant/stain-free, and gentle on skin. Each color is in a resealable bag to prevent bleeding and staining, and contains 0.1 oz of hyper pigmented, high-quality dye. We’ve also included a quick start guide to help you get your candles just right.


Only .02 – .06 oz of dye is needed to fully color 1 pound (1LB) of candle wax. This amount is enough to give your candles a bright, vivid color. Depending on the type of wax, the colors may finish differently. Paraffin wax may exhibit the most bright, vivid colors while beeswax and soy wax may have a more subdued color.

1) Measure out the amount of candle wax dye you need and set aside

2) Heat your choice of raw wax to its required temperature

3) Once the temperature reaches about 160 – 180 degrees (160 – 180 °F), add the dye chips and stir evenly

4) Stir thoroughly for 2-3 minutes to properly disperse color and avoid any undissolved chips in your finished product

Additional Notes

We recommend making a small sample to ensure you’re getting the color you desire. Pour a small amount of colored wax into a small container. Once it dries, you will see how the candle will look once it has set. Add more chips if you prefer a darker color.

Please be careful when handling hot wax and dyes – especially when stirring or pouring. Additionally, please do not overheat wax and avoid adding dye to wax that is hotter than 194°F.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 3.2 × 3.2 × 2.8 in

4 reviews for Candle Dye Chips – 20

  1. Trina Nicole

    Love this item will buy again

  2. Renae Williams

    Love the vibrant colors

  3. Siroflulu

    Great product. Made lots of beautiful colored candles. Colors are rich and melt well.

  4. Renae Williams

    Great Stuff! Easy to use! Great value!

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Can the different types of candle dyes be blended together?
Yes! Not only that, we encourage you to try mixing them to create your own uniquely colored candles. Be sure to keep track of how many of each chip you use, in case you want to recreate the color later.  

What temperature should I add wax or dyes?
180° F degrees is the best temperature to add wax and dyes, once it is fully mixed in together, lower it to 150° F before pouring. **Note: When adding scents and dyes to your candles, please be aware that a large ratio of scents/dyes to the wax can influence the burning effectiveness, causing smoke and reducing the ability of your candles to stay lit.**