8oz Pastel Pink Tin Cans with Seam – 24 Count

  • ELEGANT CANDLE TINS: Add a touch of sparkling metal tins to your living space with our painted metal candle containers that come in classic hues like minimalistic lavender. Use these tin candle containers to keep your objects without sacrificing aesthetics neatly or to spruce up your DIY candle making projects. Whoever said functional meant boring and tasteless have never seen this type of candle container yet!
  • MULTIPURPOSE DECOR: Aside from using these candle jars as plain décor and as candle containers for making candles, these metal tins with lids have other uses, too. With these small tins, you can now store candy, buttons, jewelry, candle-making supplies, or many small items in plain sight and easy reach. Store trinkets in a stylish and fashionable way with our candle jars with lids!
  • GREAT VALUE: Get this candle tins with lids bulk in 24-pc set for a reasonable price! What could you use 24 of these empty candle jars for? Better to have pretty tin containers with lids on hand than none to hold an unexpected trinket or two. That way, you never misplace one or leave a mess. Cheers to more candle making with this bulk candle jars set!
  • ENSURED DURABILITY: Each of these square candle tin cans comes with a carefully sealed seam to avoid leaking. Consumers are advised to apply another layer of glue or a sealant before using it for high-temperature substances for additional protection.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: (24) Hearts & Crafts Pastel Pink Square Candle Tins
  • HAPPINESS DELIVERED: From the very heartbeat of Brooklyn, we supply you with all the necessary items to turn your home into your unique craft and comfort zone. Hearts & Crafts stands on a foundation built from mother nature herself. Let us fill your world with the intrinsic elements of ours.

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Want to make your space perfect for the Gram? An easy trick is to use storage items with good design. Enter candle tins! Candle making jars are affordable, easy to adorn an area, and make great candle molds for candle making. We’ve coated our metal tin candle containers in a lovely shade of pastel pink to go with most color schemes for your DIY candle-making projects. These tins are designed to be the perfect candle containers for making candles, indeed!

There’s a multitude of ways to decorate with candle jars for making candles. Use one as a simple yet luxurious centerpiece with your newly crafted candle or stack them in a pyramid and stash multiple baubles. Place these jars for candle making on the coffee table, on a corner rack, or any spot that needs a little beautification. They’re also easy to clean and durable, so maintenance is no-fuss. Whether you use them for your candle science craft or as décor, these candle tins for making candles will surely add beauty to any space. Therefore, get your candle jars for making candles bulk set today and start living in an Insta-worthy home!

At Hearts and Crafts, we value quality, sustainability, and beauty. That is why we offer a unique line of products that turns your candle-making process into an extraordinary journey as a crafty homemaker.


• Easy to Decorate
• Affordable Price
• Functional Storage Pieces
• Very Low Maintenance

What’s Included
• Twenty-four (24) Hearts & Crafts Pastel Pink Candle Tins 8 oz.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5.5 in