Hearts and Crafts | Unusual Candle Decorations: 5 Mundane Things That Make Your Candles Extraordinary Unusual Candle Decorations: 5 Mundane Things That Make Your Candles Extraordinary – Hearts and Crafts

Candles brighten up a room when they’re lit. And when embellished, they too can light up any space without having to burn.

We know the usual candle designs. We’ve seen them in every gift we received during the holidays or on mall displays; those striped candles that look like candy canes, those shimmering ones that dazzle us with glitters, or those dotted-candles that are too cute to even light. They’re all beautiful decorations, yes… But don’t you ever wonder if there are other things you can use to decorate your candles with?

Perhaps you wondered if there are unusual trinkets found in your household that can be good ornaments for your candles—something unique but also familiar to make your DIY candles stand out.

In this post, we’ll share five unusual candle decorations that you can easily find anywhere, anytime—because everyone deserves at least one beautiful candle in their lifetime.


Laces and Knits


Lace patterns add the “extra” in extraordinary candles.

If you want to instantly upscale your plain candles to an emergency DIY gift, then all you need is a bit of lace and scissors! Lace is an excellent decoration that you can use to dress-up your candles.

The internet is a wonderful place to find lace fabrics. But if you wish to avoid spending, you can turn to your closet instead! Scour your drawers for old clothes, curtains, or dining cloths with lace patterns that you no longer use but still have that alluring feel to them.

Cut your desired pattern, fold or tie them around your candle containers, and display them anywhere you like! You may use ribbons or decorative pins to secure the laces.


Coffee beans

It sure is hard to resist coffee. They taste nice, they smell good, and now, they’re one of the most unusual candle decorations out there!

You can accentuate your DIY candles with coffee beans in two ways:

Add the coffee beans to your candle containers before pouring the wax – this way, the beans will melt along with your candle when lit, giving off a burnt coffee aroma.

Glue the beans on your cooled-down candle – it’s the best of both worlds! Give them to someone who loves candles and coffee as a gift and watch as their eyes sparkle with joy! Due to safety reasons, we don’t recommend lighting decorated candles made with this method.


Your favorite quote

Favorite Quote

Another way to personalize your candles is by decorating them with your favorite quote. The best thing about this is it’s uniquely yours! You call the shots to text layouts and fonts so you won’t have to worry about seeing anyone with the same design.

Ready? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Print your favorite quote on tissue paper (the one used for gift wrappers), and then cut it just right for your candle’s size.
  2. Position the quote on your candle.
  3. Put a wax paper on top of your quote big enough to wrap your candle.
  4. Apply heat to your candles with a heat gun or a hairdryer set in low heat. Your printed quote will slowly fuse into your candles this time.
  5. Peel the wax paper off, and you’re done!

The same steps apply if you wish to add images or patterns to your candles. Look for other design inspirations or simply create your own. Print as many variations as you like. You can even distribute candles with the names of your friends or loved ones so they can have a personalized candle from you, too!



Did somebody say beach?

Ride on the waves and sprinkle some sand on your candles for that beach vibe! Sand may seem an unusual candle decoration at first glance to some but if you think about it… they’re perfect! They’re easy to use, flexible to any layouts, and you can even dye them to match your preferred design!

Plus, candles decorated with sand can also be good souvenirs for themed parties such as beach weddings, birthdays, or other occasions. Up your gift-giving game with a sand-decorated candle!


Candy Sprinkles

Candy Sprinkles

Help! Is it a candle? Or a dessert?

Add a bit of color and sweetness to your plain candles with candy sprinkles! This is a fun way to accessorize your DIY candles especially if you’re using a transparent container. Simply coat the inside of a jar or any transparent candle container with these colorful candies. Then pour the melted wax right after. We suggest to keep these candles in an airtight container when displayed to avoid ants.

Enjoy your party sprinkled candles!


Start decorating!


Gone are the days when candles’ mere usage is to light up a room. Now, they can also be a canvas for the artists and designers at heart, a gift to the people we love, and something we can revel on to alleviate our stress.

These five unusual candle decorations are true testaments that even the most unexpected and mundane things can be used to accessorize and design your candles. As long as you’re letting your imagination flow, the possibilities of unique candle designs are endless!

Try new things, be different, and dare to spruce up those plain candles, crafter!