Hearts and Crafts | What is Galentine’s Day and 5 Ways to Celebrate It What is Galentine’s Day and 5 Ways to Celebrate It – Hearts and Crafts

Galentine’s Day is proof of how reality can take cues from fiction in positive ways. It honors friendship, especially among females, a rare event in most societies. It’s a subtle yet positive reflection of the change in essential relationships’ ideals, expanding beyond the family.

Wondering if you and your friends can join in the fun? Of course, you can! Get to know more about the holiday so you can genuinely celebrate friendship, and the meaning behind the holiday, with some of the people who mean the most to you.

How Galentine’s Began

Let’s start at the beginning. What is Galentine’s Day? The name “Galentine’s Day” was first coined on the comedy series Parks and Recreation, by the character, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler. Knope was the person who was the constantly cheerful and over-eager giver of the group, who wore her heart on her sleeve. In showing her appreciation for her friends, she birthed “Galentine’s Day.”

Held on the 13th of February, the holiday is often spent by women among women friends over drinks and brunch, usually with waffles. Whether single, married, or with a partner, the ladies take time out from life and male companions to come together and bond. Today, the holiday has become widely accepted globally and feels just as much a real holiday as Valentine’s.

How to Celebrate Galentine’s

Plan time with your closest friends! Should it be just for the women? It’s up to you! While it’s meant to celebrate the empowerment of camaraderie among women, men and the LGBTQ+ can join in the fun, too! If your friendship with them has helped you become the woman you are today, then, by all means, include them. Here are some suggestions for what you can do:

Go Traditional

With the popularity it has gained over the decade, you won’t have to worry about the 13th falling on a weekday, whose place you’d have to go, or who has a waffle maker. Bars now drink to Galentine’s, too! Yes, some also serve waffles to commemorate the Day. Have breakfast and booze after work. It’s the best celebration there is.

Have Dinner at Home

What is Galentine’s Day to you? It can mean the comfort of a quiet place where you’re free to talk and do whatever you want with your favorite people. You share a homecooked meal or dishes you ordered from a beloved restaurant. It’s peace of mind, knowing you’re in a safe and welcoming environment. It’s even better when you have it all to yourself.

Make Scented Candles Together

They make great gifts because there’s a lot of room for creativity, they’re easy to personalize, and they’re practical. Get together for an afternoon of art and fun as you make gifts for each other, which you can exchange afterward. If you enjoy it so much, you can include making presents for your families, and even your coworkers. Share the love!

Have a Watch Party

When you can’t get together, be it by distance or health safety precautions, you can still spend some good quality bonding virtually. Watch a movie or binge a series that everyone can get on board with. This setup’s advantage is that everyone gets to choose their food instead of agreeing on what to share.

Join a Virtual Class

If food is the shared love that’s the glue of your squad, join an online class together so you can cook in your own kitchens. You’ll have all the space you need, and no one will be fighting over ingredients or equipment. Share the common goal of fitness? Pick a virtual exercise class, and prepare your workout gear.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, pick an activity the entire group will love. Create more memories to look back on, and cherish. Those will serve as your personal answer to the question, “What is Galentine’s Day?” No matter how busy life gets, always make time for the people important to you. Years down the road, you’ll be glad you did.