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It’s the time for cheer, and the time for giving – gift-giving to be specific. Santa isn’t the only one who has a list of people to give presents to. Do you find yourself stressing what to give to whom? Scented candles make great presents that anyone you know is sure to enjoy, even when they’re not thrilled by it at first, for several good reasons.

There’s a lot of variety

You can find one for everyone. Nowadays, we have different types of waxes available, as well as color and scents! They come in different containers, with so many designs to choose from, some unique, while you’d find other scented candles in bulk. There are also different types of candles, made for a certain purpose. You’re sure to find one that suits each person’s taste and needs. If you’re not sure, play it safe and go with bestsellers. There’s a reason they’re labeled as such.

They’re great for any occasion

Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, most candles would be appropriate for whatever occasion. Want something romantic for date night? Go for a deep-colored candle, with a similar fragrance. Getting ready to host a party? To make a candle more festive, add glitter to the outer side of the container or use birthday candles. With the number of options, find one that fits both the occasion and the recipient’s style.

They’re wonderful pieces of décor

Who wouldn’t love gorgeous pillar candles with swirling color on an end table in their foyer? For a more subtle approach, have a row of simple medium-sized candles in glass jars instead. You can also put one in any part of the home, whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom, or study. They’d never be out of place. Even take one of the jar candles to your office, and really make that table your own. Just remember to ask management before lighting it but it’ll still look good even if it stays unlit.

They improve wellbeing

Candles are naturally cozy. A single candle adds a sense of warmth and comfort to a room. Scented candles have a different level of power. Depending on the fragrance, the ambiance of a space will change accordingly. It can also affect the mood, contributing to the state of a person’s mental health and wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed, light a lavender-scented candle. If you want to be invigorated, choose eucalyptus. It’s a simple ounce of therapy that doesn’t cost you a ton of money.

They’re personal

Scents, colors, and even items like a ribbon or other wax figures, have different meanings to each person. Smells have the power of recalling certain memories, reminding you of events and people in your life that had an impact on you. When chosen well, a scented candle is a very thoughtful gift, and reflects the amount of care you have for the receiver as well as your relationship.

Scented Candles Make Great Gifts

On their own, candles are a source of joy and marvel but even more so when they have scents. They instantly hold more value because of the numerous effects it triggers in our brain. People also react differently to each scent so there’s no such thing as the best scented candles.

It doesn’t matter if you purchased cheap candles. Knowing how one affects the person receiving it is key to getting the perfect gift, and choosing the best candles. Start with finding your own perfect candle. It’s a good excuse to get yourself a present and go shopping.