Hearts and Crafts | Why You Should Start a DIY Project This Holiday Season Why You Should Start a DIY Project This Holiday Season – Hearts and Crafts

Choices, choices, choices! There are so many options for gifts during this season. Some brands even sell them already in a box, wrapped, or simply with a bow tied, and it’s ready to be given away! With all this, why would you bother making your gifts? For several great reasons! Read on to know how DIY presents can level up your Christmas, and the recipient’s as well.

1. You decide on the quality.

Tired of overpriced Christmas presents that aren’t worth the money? Start making better ones. It’s not being stingy but holding value to every dollar you spend on things you wholeheartedly give. Going the DIY route gives you more for every buck spent. Tip: Hearts & Crafts has high quality eco-friendly candle waxes you can use to DIY special candles for your loved ones!

2. You can make it personal.

Add details so the receiver knows it was created just for them. Add their favorite scent, make it in their favorite color, and have their name on it. Any object is truly different when you know it’s yours, and was made just for you. Looking for a gift container? Check out our candle tins which can be personalized for your friends!

3. It surprises them!

Something pleasantly unexpected like a handmade gift is always welcome, even when the person says they don’t like surprises. It helps make gift-giving an even more memorable experience. Remember the last time you received a surprise you enjoyed? Spread more of that into the world one present at a time.

4. It allows you to make use of your talents.

Making something yourself just adds another layer of you that a store-bought gift doesn’t have. Real friends and family would cherish your abilities because they’re part of who you are. They’d be happy to get it wrapped in such a rare and tangible form. Love candle-making? We have some tips for you!

5. The gifts are special.

Even when you’ve patterned them from an item you saw or made a batch of identically designed presents, they’re still unique and special because you made them. Once you make gifts that are truly your own, then they become one-of-a-kind.


Start Your DIY Gift Project Now

Think of someone you’d love to give a present to. Then envision the perfect gift. Consider that your starting point. If it’s too complicated for you to make, come up with more ideas or create a simplified version. It’s important that the gift is something the recipient will treasure, and a creation you’re proud of. Feed your passion, love your craft!